Body Mist- Lilly Rose Water


A portion of every purchase benefits dialysis patients and aspiring entrepreneurs.

**Note: Please view the before use and after use images; hair grew longer, stronger as well as maintains a lasting shine. These results were reached after continued use of Lilly Rose water treatment.

Available only in 8 fl oz. bottles

The benefits of the Lilly and Rose plants include:

1. Soothes skin irritation
2. Reduces skin redness
3. Helps prevent and treats infections
4. Contains antioxidants
5. Heals cuts, scars, and burns
6. Enhances mood
7. Leave- in Hair Treatment

Directions & Uses:
Shake well before each use.

Blac on blac. body serum oil is infused with olive oil and aloe vera to nourish skin and seal in the moisture. This lightweight formula provides hydration to dry skin.

After washing your face, apply blac on blac. Lilly Rose water with a cotton ball to your face and neck to smooth and moisturize skin. Use the blac on blac spray bottle to spritz rose mist onto your face anytime you want a fresh burst for vibrance or a spritz of scent.

Night Time Skin Moisturizer:
Spray on cotton ball and apply in a circular motion to your face and body before bed. It acts as a moisturizer and anti-ager all in one.

Skin Toner:
Apply a few spritz to a cotton ball and apply to face.

Lip Conditioner:
Spray on cotton ball and apply to lips. Wipe any excess away.

Acne Remedy:
Apply a few drops to a cotton ball and apply to the afflicted skin area after cleaning with blac on blac. Cleanser. Rubbing in gently and repeating twice daily can help clear acne.

Pregnancy and stretch marks:
Apply a few drops to cotton ball or towel and gently rub your stomach, hips and other problem areas.

Hand and nails:
Massage a few drops into your cuticles and hands.

For Men:
Great for razor burn treatment; place a few drops in your hands and lightly massage the affected area.

For best results, use daily.

Lilly, Rose

  • Lilly Rose Water Balancing Toner- 8oz- $15.00